It’s a different world today than it was a mere 10 year ago.  Everything has changed.  Retail, Resale and Product Life have combined to create a powerful movement called Recommerce.  Recommerce is empowering the reuse of saleable goods.  85% of people say that they have changed their purchasing behavior to favor purchasing more sustainable products and processes.  What does this mean for the Resale Industry?  It means that the previously linear retail model (from manufacture to customer to landfill) is outdated, and taking its place is a circular economic model that incorporates the re-entry of saleable goods back into the marketplace after traditional retail modes have failed.

Allow me to explain.  Did you know that each year more than 9.6 Billion tons of RESALEABLE home goods are thrown into landfills simply because it is cheaper to throw them away than to save and resell them?  That is – until now.  Companies like One World Resale are turning this model on its head by making the resale and reuse of salable goods fashionable, accessible, practical and affordable.  One World Resale works with companies to help stem the tide of resalable furniture into landfills by transporting, grading, and reselling it to consumers at 30-60% off the regular retail price.  For the past 15 years, One World Resale has worked with America’s top companies reselling their floor samples, discontinued items, closeouts, returns and less than perfect pieces to the public.

The public’s interest in quality resale goods is exploding.  With inflation reaching historical highs, concerns about the planet rising exponentially and increasing awareness and acceptance of resale goods becoming commonplace, 223 billion people are buying resale.  In fact resale sales are expected to eclipse traditional retail sales in the next 5 years.

it is projected than 50% of what brands sell in the next 5 years will be resale goods.  76% of consumers state that they intend to buy resale good in the next year.  While the primary benefit is, of course, the discounted prices on new or nearly new items, a majority of consumers cite sustainability and keeping items out of landfills and a primary benefit of engaging in resale.

Companies like One World Resale are ahead of the curve.  One World Resale has saved more than 10,000,000 pounds of resaleable goods from landfills and that number is skyrocketing as the public interest in quality new and nearly new goods grows exponentially.  This is resale for a new enlightened age.