Location, Location, Location. 

Divine Consigns premier location results in a constant flow of walk-in and drive-by traffic generated by neighboring businesses. Our bright and spacious showroom allows for effective staging and merchandising of inventory while convenient parking allows for easy drop off and delivery of consignment items.


Since 2009, we have sold thousands of pieces of quality, brand name and stylish furniture and home décor on consignment. This has created a robust, historical pricing database to determine the true market value of your items.


Most of our consignors use their consignment balance as store credit to purchase more fabulous furniture.  You can always use your account balance as store credit!  Anytime your consignment account has a balance in excess of $50 (or has no remaining active items), you can request a check.  You can stop by the store any time we are open and we can immediately print you a check.  You can also request that a check be mailed to you ($.75 mailing fee applies).  PLEASE NOTE:  Divine Consign does not automatically send you a check.  You must request a check.


Divine Consign utilizes a multi-layered marketing approach. Partnering with the top marketing agency  your furniture items will be professionally photographed and featured for sale on our online store, Facebook and several other online marketplaces.  Our robust Facebook following and email list provides the opportunity for people to see your inventory several ways.  To make this marketing possible, Divine Consign charges a 15% Buyer’s Fee.  This is a fee added to the sale price of items when placed for sale.  This fee does not effect the consignment split or your return.  You will receive 50% of the agreed upon final selling price (reflected in your online account).

Sold Items. 

As part of the service provided to you by Divine Consign, you will be given your own online portal from which you can monitor your inventory status and check your account balance.  PLEASE NOTE that Divine Consign will not notify when your items sell.  It is your responsibility to monitor your account to determine the status of your inventory.

Consignment Period and Price Markdowns

Divine Consign’s consignment period is 60 days.  All consignment items are subject to regular price reductions.  If an item remains in the store for 28 days, it will be marked down an additional 20%.  If an item is still available after 48 days, it will be marked down to 40% off.  In the unlikely event your item is in the store after 60 days, it will be marked down 60% during the grace period.  You will receive 50% of the final selling price as indicated in your online portal (not including any Buyer’s fee).

If your item does not sell within the consignment period (60 days) you have the option to have the items returned to you (if their final selling price is in excess of $10 – items with a final selling price of less than $10 cannot be returned and become the property of Divine Consign).  You have 10 days after your consignment period has ended to arrange to pickup your items or arrange to have them delivered to you (there is a fee).  It is your responsibility to monitor your consignment account and request return of any items in a timely fashion.  PLEASE NOTE – Divine Consign will not monitor your account, will not notify you if an item sells, and will not notify you that your consignment period has ended.  You are solely responsible for monitoring your consignment account and requesting return of your items.  If you do not request return of your items within the 10 days after your consignment period has ended, the items will automatically become property of Divine Consign.   PLEASE MONITOR YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO RETRIEVE ANY UNSOLD ITEMS.


Divine Consign is a secure and safe marketplace to sell your items and we will do everything within our power to safeguard your items.  However, Divine Consign is not responsible for items stolen or damaged while it is in its possession.

Consignment Furniture In Chicago

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