Consignment Agreement
I have read the terms and I agree with them:

We are pleased you have decided to become part of our consignment family. The consignment period is 60 days. Divine Consign’s terms of consignment are as follows:

Divine Consign’s consignment period is 60 days. When an item is sold, you receive 50% of the final selling price. The proceeds from the sale of your consignments will be kept in an account in your name. Only you or those authorized by you in writing will have access to the proceeds of your account. You can stop in and pick-up a check anytime or use your account as store credit toward the purchase of any other items.
Your items will remain at the full selling price for four weeks (28 days). After 28 days your items will be reduced by 20%. After 49 days your items will be reduced 40% . After 60 days items will be reduced by 60%. Items may be reduced up to an additional 20% subject to store promotions and coupons.
Upon request, Divine Consign will issue you a check (for account balances over $50.00) or when you have no remaining active items in your account ($.75 mailing fee applies). Any account with a balance due and no activity for a period of one year becomes store credit and the balance can only be used as store credit.
Once accepted, all items must remain in the store and for sale for the 60 day consignment period. You cannot remove the items prior to the expiration of the 60 day consignment period, should you attempt to do so a 30% early removal fee (based on the original price of the item) will be charged. Divine Consign promises to do its best to market your items to sell. Divine Consign makes no representation that your items will be marketed online or that they will be featured in a specific location in the showroom. Divine Consign has the exclusive right to sell all items that have been accepted.
If you wish to retrieve any unsold items at the end of your 60 day consignment period you have 10 days to do so. You may retrieve your items anytime during those 10 days but you MUST call and schedule pick up of your items 24 hours before you intend to pick them up so that we have time to locate them for you. If you do not call at least 24 hours prior to picking up your items, you will have to locate the items on your own or reschedule the pick up to give us sufficient time to locate your items. If you do not retrieve your items during the ten days, the items automatically become the property of Divine Consign who is authorized to dispose of the items as it wishes.
You understand and agree that any consignment item that does not sell within 60 days, where the 60% off price is less than $10 CANNOT be retrieved for any reason. These items become the property of Divine Consign who may dispose of the items as it deems appropriate.
It is impossible for Divine Consign to monitor the end of the consignment period for each piece in its showroom. As such, you are solely responsible for monitoring the consignment period for your items and will NOT be notified by Divine Consign when your consignment period ends or when your items sell. All consigned items remain the legal property of the consignor until sold or expired and shall remain under the consignor’s Homeowners or Renters insurance policy.
Divine Consign will do its best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.
You warrant that you are the owner of any item you placed for consignment, and that the item is free of liens or other claims and is saleable.
A buyer’s Premium (of approximately 15% of the item’s base price) will be charged to the buyer of your items and added onto the item’s instore/online selling price. You are not charged this fee and this fee does not affect your portion of the base sale price. This fee is added to the price of the piece for our processing, basic cleaning, displaying, online advertising and selling and marketing your items to our customers.
Divine Consign reserves the right to refuse to sell or discontinue selling your items for any reason. If this occurs, you will be notified (my email, voicemail or through your online portal) and given an opportunity (10 days) to retrieve your items. If you do not retrieve your items within 10 days of notification, your items become the property of Divine Consign who can dispose of them as it deems appropriate.
All items must be of good quality, be clean, odor free and in excellent condition. Items that arrive with damage, sun fading, stains, wear or odors (smoke, pet, mildew, etc.) are not accepted and can be refused at any time (even if accepted via email). It is your obligation to disclose all damage and/or defects in your items. If you fail to do so, Divine Consign reserves the right to the reject the item at any time. Divine Consign offers pick up service. Our drivers have been trained to look for damage and/or defects at the time of pick up. If our drivers determine that an item does not meet our quality standards, they will refuse to pick it up. The decision of the drivers is final and imposes no further obligation on Divine Consign as to that item. In such situations, the pick-up fee will not be refunded.
Divine Consign bases pricing on supply and demand. Consideration is given to the original retail price if known; however, the final item pricing is based on the current resale/market demand for the item as determined by Divine Consign. Divine Consign makes no representation that they conduct appraisals and Divine Consign has no expertise in conducting appraisals. If you would like to have your items appraised, you must do so before bringing the items to Divine Consign for consignment. Divine Consign has no responsibility to adjust or change the price of an item based on an appraisal conducted after bringing the items to Divine Consign or based on any appraisal conducted before bringing the item to Divine Consign if Divine Consign was not made aware in writing of the appraisal. Divine Consign’s pricing of an item is not bound by any appraised value. It is in your interest as well as the interest of Divine Consign to get the highest possible profit on the sale of your item.
Divine Consign promises you: That it will do its very best to sell your items quickly and for the best price possible; That it will personally and promptly respond to any of your concerns; That it will always be honest and straightforward with you; We understand and appreciate that you have chosen Divine Consign as your consigning partner and such an honor deserves the best that Divine Consign and its staff can give you!
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