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“Really enjoy this place, their selection is excellent and turns over quickly, the staff is friendly and you can’t beat the prices. I bought several pieces here – couch, chairs, desk, lamps, faux plants, outdoor furniture and accessories. High quality pieces at a fraction of the original price. Sign up for their email list and link to their Facebook page, the good stuff goes fast! Definitely worth the drive from downtown Chicago.”
Alex D

“This new location is amazing. I am not usually into consignment stores but there is not a time I walk into this location …where I didn’t find a great piece. We have bought framed art, decorative pieces, porcelain pieces, and more. They are constantly updating their inventory with items. The owner is usually always there who apparently is/was lawyer. I recommend this place when you are looking for unique decor for whatever or even gifts. You can’t go wrong.”

Deena H

“Divine Consign is absolutely amazing. The first time I went in just to kill time before an appointment and ended up buying a beautiful barely-used leather John M. Smith sofa for around $1000. Since then, I have purchased two other couches, a large chair and ottoman, another chair, 2 coffee tables and a lamp. I ended up getting rid of my own worn furniture and re-doing our entire large living room, thanks to Divine Consign. Nothing is mixy-matchy (I hate that) but all of it melds beautifully together and looks extremely elegant, high-end and unused. People who walk in and look at it say “WOW!” and start asking questions about where we got everything. And get this: thanks to a few of their “Secret Sales”, we furnished the entire room for about $3000. This place in not just for young people starting out on their own, although it is excellent for them. It’s also great for established home owners looking to add something beautiful and elegant and unusual–but fairly inexpensive–to their homes.”

Tina B

“It’s getting to be ridiculous how much furniture we have bought here.  It’s a consignment store so everything is used, sometimes gently, sometimes barely, sometimes a lot. All of their items are in impeccable shape though, and since it is all consignment, and given the area, you’ll find a lot of unique, gorgeous, vintage items. They have also often have pieces you could categorize as funky, retro, mid-century post modern blah blah blah – just go see the variety for yourself. Honestly, any time we need something for the house, we end up there because who wants crappy pre-fab, over-priced furniture that anyone with an internet connection could get. And since we bought a 100 year old prarie style home, most modern stuff wouldn’t look right anyway. This was the best find we have made in Oak Park so far!

The best part is their “Secret Sales”. Occasionally we’ll walk in and they’ll have items that have been around for a while DRASTICALLY reduced. We got super lucky with a few pieces, like a 1920 buffet for $149 that had been $600. We also snagged a 1940s vintage vanity that had seen better days for just $39. With some help from a friend and $30, it was sanded, refinished and fitted with new hinges, and it’s GORGEOUS.

They often have newer items too, like Mig n Tig warehouse pieces, Pottery Barn items from the current catalog, you name it! Even if you’re not in the market for anything, stop by and browse. They also have art, lamps, cutlery, mirrors, vases, serving bowls, and now they do custom fabric work in case you don’t like the gold velvet flowery fabric on a must have chair.

Lastly, the employees are just great! Very friendly, knowledgeable about the pieces and willing to work with you on layaway, occasionally negotiating on pricing, and keeping an eye out for things you are looking for so they can give you a heads up when something comes in. The owners is pretty much always there and is happy to help you find just what you need too. They have guys on-site most days to help you load the car and deliver is just $50, no matter how many pieces. Definitely worth it if you get older wood pieces that are often super heavy and large.”

Angela D

“Since the purchase of my first home, we have purchased two couches, a kitchen table, nightstands, a coffee table, an end table, and some art work from Divine Consign. The prices are very reasonable and items get cheaper the longer they are in store. The staff is always very helpful and delivery cost for in OP is reasonable. They will hold items for you and put you on a wish list if there is something specific you are holding out for. I even consigned my previous kitchen table here. The consigning process is very easy and my table sold in a few days. You have the option of taking the cash or having your money in store credit (guess which one I chose). Visit the shop frequently though! They have a website, but you will find a lot more in the store. Inventory changes daily!”

Angie T

“I only had a few moments to spend at Divine Consign before time ran out on my parking meter, but I will definitely be back soon with hubby in tow. If your tastes run to the classic, there are antique-y antiques with an impressive pedigree. If you are a modern sort, there’s stuff for you too. And there are lots of paintings, accessories, and objects d’art to round out the look. The prices are pretty reasonable (if you need cheap, head over to Brown Elephant) and the store is full without seeming too cluttered. Everything at the store is consigned (duh!) from individuals or furniture stores, and the prices are reduced the longer it sits on the sales floor. You can add your name to a “wish list” so if you have something particular in mind, the store will notify you if it appears. I don’t know if they coined the phrase “eco-chic,” but there is definitely something “green” about the concept of re-using what is here rather than having China make us new stuff all the time. So if you have the heebies about buying a couch someone else sat on, just get over it.”

Lisa B

Consignment Furniture In Chicago

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