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Are you downsizing, moving or redecorating? Chances are that you have great furniture and décor in your current home that you no longer utilize or that no longer fits into your home’s current design scheme. Divine Consign is the perfect answer to the that HUGE problem? What do I do with all this great furniture and décor that is too good to donate, but I need to get rid of?

Easy Answer – Let Divine Consign sell your furniture for you! We do all the work and you make the money – pretty great solution, right?

Beginning the process of selling your furniture is easy!

All furniture sold at Divine Consign requires Pre-approval. You can have your items pre-approved several different ways:

We will get back to you!  If you haven’t heard from us in 72 hours, please check your spam/junk folder.  Thank you!

  • Log onto our website (your already on it) and use our handy online submission form.
  • Less preferred  – You can email photos with a detailed description of the furniture you are interested in consigning to
  • Even less preferred – bring in photos of your items for in-store pre-approval.
    Do you have décor items or artwork?  Please call the store to schedule an appointment. 708 386 3366. Understand that Divine Consign is very strict about the items it does and does not accept (see LINK What we accept/Don’t accept) so the possibility exists that some if not all of your items may not be accepted. So if something is heavy and you don’t want to go through the hassle of bringing it into the store, you can submit photos in one of the ways discussed above.

PLEASE NOTE – Divine Consign will not accept any item that it believes cannot be priced more than $10.

Once you have submitted photographs of your items, please allow 2-4 business days for a response. Please include an accurate description along with notes on the condition of each item – specifically noting any damage, stains, rips, fading, missing parts, odors, etc. If an item arrives damaged – even if it has been preapproved – Divine Consign will reject it. Please do all of us a favor and accurately disclose the condition of your furniture. It will help avoid any preapproval issues.

Divine Consign is extremely selective when accepting inventory. All items must be sought-after styles. Inventory must be in GREAT condition (at least an 8 on a 10-point scale). Divine Consign will not accept furniture containing stains, rips, tears, worn upholstery, missing hardware, missing or worn veneer, scratches, worn spots, fading, smoking or pet odors, outdated colors, patterns, styles, etc.

Once your furniture has been preapproved for consignment, you can arrange to bring the items into the store.


The form is called “Consignment Agreement” and is easy to submit online from this website or our App.

DROP OFF. You are welcome to drop off items any time we are open. When you drop off your items, they will be re-inspected to make sure they comply with Divine Consign’s quality standards (this is known as approval – until this time all items are only preapproved – see the difference?)

Divine Consign may refuse to consign any item that does not meet its quality standards or if it is delivered with undisclosed damage.


Need Assistance getting your furniture to the store? Divine Consign is there for you. Divine Consign offers pick-up 5 days per week. There is a fee for pickup which is dependent upon the location of the pickup. Please make sure that all your furniture items are each clearly marked with your last name. ALSO, please note that our delivery drivers are extremely well-trained and are authorized to refuse or reject furniture at the time of pickup if the items do not meet Divine Consign’s quality standards or contain undisclosed damage as listed above.

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