Unique Pieces

When shopping consignment pieces, you often are presented with unique, and furniture that is no longer available to purchase new. Meaning no one else will have something quite like what you’ll find at Divine Consign. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing an antique piece or looking for something a little more modern, it might just be one of a kind. You may even find pieces that you can put your own touch on, by reupholstering or painting them to bring an even bigger uniqueness to that fabulous piece.


It’s no lie that going for a flat pack option is usually the cheaper outcome when furnishing your home. Grabbing those boxes with all the pieces ready for you to take home and put together. Meaning the hours of assembly and arguing with your spouse over where that random extra screw belongs. Furniture you assemble on your own has been known to break up even the strongest of relationships, and you get what you pay for. It won’t look great, and the odds of it surviving its first move are slim. For the same low price or less, you can purchase quality used furniture when you shop at a consignment furniture store. You can find solid, hand crafted pieces for the same price as that flat pack desk you bought, it might even be cheaper!

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