As a fiscally and environmentally responsible alternative to liquidation and donation, recommerce helps furniture manufacturers, distributors, sellers and related companies keep useable quality products out of landfills while increasing the bottom line. How?  Through direct-to-consumer resale options like One World Resale, retailers and e-tailers are (1) building a new revenue stream, (2) acquiring new customers and increasing brand loyalty, (3) reducing the bottom line by reducing the Cost of Goods Sold and reducing operating expenses, (4) developing and leaning into the rising tide of sustainable living and culture, and (5) gaining access to previously dismissed inventory sources.

Resale groups like One World Resale have been helping companies develop recommerce programs through the sale of discontinued, closeout, sample, returned or damaged goods for 15 years.  Why this sudden interest in using resale groups like One Worlds Resale?  In addition to the above benefits, resale is an industry relatively untapped by companies selling oversie goods, such as furniture.  The costs associated with the resale or recommerce of such items have been cost prohibitive.  Until now.  With 223 billion consumers shopping resale, it has become a 37 billion dollar a year industry.  Furniture has been slow to enter this market because of the costs and processes associated with handling over-sized returns and other saleable goods through alternative means.  Companies like One World Resale make it easy for even the smallest e-tailers to create a new revenue stream by the resale of new and nearly new goods.

One World Resale has the means and processes in place to make recommerce a reality with little heavy lifting on the part of the company.  One World Resale will transport, grade, repair and resell a company’s oversized goods, making the development of e recommerce program a no-brainer on the part of the company.  As an added bonus, through One World Resale, your brand will have national exposure to an entirely new target market.  Studies have shown a brand has a 25% increase in customer acquisition rates through exposure to an untapped market of would-be brand fans through the resale marketplace.  Once a customer becomes a raving fan by experiencing your brand by purchasing resale, you have gained a customer for life.  Considering the lifelong value of a customer, why wouldn’t a company develop a recommerce program with One World Resale?

Let’s discuss what One world Resale can do for you.  Reach out and set up a meeting.  Let’s discuss your situation and figure out a solution to get your company on the front line of th recommerce revolution.