Meet Marjorie! This beautiful kitty was incredibly shy when first brought to the shelter as a stray from Forest Park, but although wary of people, she adored cuddling with other cats. Nowadays, while Marjorie hasn’t quite come around to being touched, the progress she’s made over the course of her time at the shelter is amazing! She loves spending time with people from a safe distance, and will happily chirp and meow when her two-legged friends come to see her. She’s even comfortable licking treats from a person’s finger! And all along, her love for other cats hasn’t changed.

Marjorie has come so far, and in a home, there’s no telling how she might bloom given enough time. With a patient person and a feline friend or two by her side, Marjorie will make the perfect companion, and after nearly two years in the shelter, she’s waited more than long enough for that chance! To meet this wonderful cat, fill out an adoption questionnaire at