You have seen the decorating shows, read about bedroom design in magazines and blogs, and even scoured the internet for tips on how to make your bedroom special. You feel like you’ve exhausted all of your options but are still not satisfied with the final result. Have no fear! We’re here to help you transform your bedroom into a space that is as unique as you are.

The first thing you need to do is start with a clean slate. Clear out all of the clutter and dust from your room, making sure that everything that needs to stay has been put away in its proper place. Start with a blank canvas and then use these tips below for beautifying your bedroom:

*Choose an accent color – Grey is the most popular right now. Try different shades of grey to see what looks best with the rest of your bedroom. Choose a color that helps you feel calm and relaxed, or one that matches well with your favorite piece of furniture

-Paint: Add color by painting furniture pieces like dressers and nightstands. At Divine Consign we have a variety of bedroom furniture at low low prices.

*Add some greenery – If you have a window sill in your room, it’s an ideal space for plants. This will help add life to the area and create more natural light inside

Clear out clutter from your room so there is no distraction The first step is starting clean by clearing everything else away

– have a good mattress and pillows

– put flowers on your sideboard

Add some accent lighting to enhance the colors.

With a few changes you can really transform the space.

-Bed linens: add some pattern to your bedding by using a contrasting color scheme. You can take it even further with more colors and patterns in the pillows, curtains or rug – just make sure everything matches otherwise you might end up with an odd mix of styles.

When shopping consignment you will find a high quality of bedroom furniture and bedding.

-Mirrors: a mirror creates the illusion of more space, which is perfect if you don’t have much room to work with in your bedroom due to other items like dressers or nightstands. Mirrors also help add some light into dark spaces

We carry mirrors at Divine Consign that can create an elegant look for any room!

-Creative storage solutions: when we say creative storage solutions, think about adding a sideboard – it’s one of our most popular pieces because they are so versatile. You can use them as shelving units to once you take out the drawers! The best thing is they can be refinished to customize just how you want it!”

Don’t worry! We’re here to help transform your bedroom into something unique. Stop by the store and speak to one of our consultants.

Some creative storage solutions we offer include sideboards! Sideboards make great shelving units because they usually have lots of drawers where you can store all sorts of things such as books, clothes, nick knacks or even supplies for craft projects. Once again these pieces can also be repainted depending on what style you’re going for.