We have all felt that sense of apathy and déjà vu when we walk into our homes. It has been a while since you last redecorated, the furniture is starting to look dated or just does not fit what your style is anymore. Divine Consign will help refresh your home with new pieces that can revitalize both its appearance as well as inspire enthusiasm for it again!

The sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom. It’s time to freshen up your home with Spring Cleaning! This will not only make you feel refreshed, but also give a fresh look for when guests arrive. There are many items that can be purchased or made at home that will help create this welcoming environment such as lamps for additional lighting; adding shine by purchasing new accessories like mirrors, vases, clocks etc.; sorting through closets and storage boxes to find things to let go (consign them); freeing up space so it feels more spacious than before which creates peace of mind.

“You might feel like your life has fallen into a rut,” says Kellie at Divine Consign. “All of the clutter in your home, from clothing items that are unworn to unused or unwanted furniture may be blocking happiness and serenity.” Clearing out these things will bring you back on track with feeling happy again–which is something we all deserve! The best part: It won’t cost much at all. Divine Consign offers high quality products for amazingly affordable prices; many come straight from their showroom at the Merchandise Mart–and we’ve got some great discounts too! Why not stop by today?

Divine Consign also offers creative and talented staff to help you formulate a new look for your home. Choose from sofas, chairs, dining sets, rugs, and all types of decor and accessories. Fall in love with your home again, with the help of Divine Consign!