Age: 2 years old

Dog Sociability: Possible, with some decompression time. Has done well with dogs in the past.

Cat Sociability: no cats due to his size

Kid compatibility: 15+

Ideal living Situation: An active home that wants a social butterfly!

Hello, my name is Crater! I came to ACL as a stray and my humans never came looking for me. Most of my day is spent wagging my tail at passersby! I LOVE toys. If you take me home, you have to promise me you’ll play fetch with me, and in return, I promise to always greet you with happy puppy wiggles, and I’ll never say no to a cuddle sesh on the couch! If you’re looking for someone to follow you wherever life takes you, I’m your guy!

PS: The volunteers told me to tell you that they all LOVE me, and I am their favorite dog here (just don’t tell the others!)

Crater is a cuddly, silly, well-mannered guy! He absolutely craves human affection in any form. This 85 lb snugglebug finds himself afraid of many things- like thunderstorms, and is most effectively consoled with pets, cuddles, and blankets to hide under! When it’s not storming outside, he can really be a confident guy! He likes to play with other dogs, meet people, and carry around the biggest sticks he can find!! He is a diamond in the ruff and is sure to steal your heart like he has stolen the hearts of every volunteer at our shelter! (Seriously, he wins the popularity contest among our organization!) If you want a big, silly, happy, cuddly companion, Crater is the dog for you!!